Our Beardies


Can CH Rhosown's Oh Sum Opal - April 8, 2008

Health: Hips - Good | Elbows - Normal | Thyroid - Passed | Eyes - Clear

Opal is our Echo's daughter and was born "to please" and has not disappointed. She finished her Canadian championship easily with Group placements in limited showing. She always has a smile on her face and can't be happier than when she gives everyone a nice hug. Opal is my sweet magnet - always within sight. Scholar and Opal blessed us with her first litter of 5 beautiful babies in January 2011. We look forward to her youngsters growing into the Love Bugs that both their parents are!
Opal is a wonderful mommy and we hope to breed her again.


Can CH Britannia Show Me The Way - March 2, 2007

Health: Hips - Excellent | Elbows - Normal | Thyroid: Passed | Eyes - Clear

Who better to "show me the way" than a SCHOLAR! He has always been a sweet tempered gentleman who is always ready for a cuddle and hugs. Yes, beardies do believe they are lap dogs. He loves to be groomed - falls asleep on the table and never gives up a chance for a great romp in the yard. Scholar has matured to a beautiful adult we call "the Surfer Dude"! He is a mellow fellow and so easy to live with. He has excelled in his show career and turns heads with his trademark bounce! His beautiful eyes melt hearts everywhere he goes.
Scholar has proven to be a valued stud dog by producing both brown and black nicely marked puppies. He is available at stud to approved females. We look forward to seeing his "kids" grow!


Can CH Caledonia's Echo of Chanel - March 23, 2003

Health: Hips - Good | Elbows - Normal | Thyroid - passed | Eyes - Clear

The current Queen of the house. Our multiple group placing happy girl always enjoys her days. During her show career, many judges commented on her beautiful flowing movement as she floats around the ring. She is enjoying her retirement at home now, keeping all the youngsters in line.
Echo is always on duty and monitors HER "air space" as a no fly zone. Those darn Canadian Geese are tricky to herd but she is determined to do it every spring and fall!
She loves all her toys and just wishes those dogs that have to live with us would stop stealing them from her.
Echo has blessed us with two beautiful litters. We enjoy staying in contact with her kids and getting photos of them from our new "family" friends!


Can/Am CH Algerac's Spring Kayla CD HIC - 1984-1999

Our beautiful brown girl came to live with us in 1988 when she was 5 years old. Within 2 days, she had taken over as Queen Beardie. Shadow said "Fine - you be boss - now let's play!!" The 2 of them were hardly ever apart from then on. "KC" was determined to live up to her registered name and was built on 4 springs. She loved to heal on leash perfectly as long as I allowed her to do it at my shoulder height so she could steal kisses with every stride - or should I say, bounce! Her beautiful thick flowing coat was the envy of all - because they didn't have to groom her! She was worth every brush stroke. The loving girl is sadly missed.


Can CH Genie's Dream Shadow HIC - 1987-2002

Our first wonderful girl came to us in 1987. Shadow or "Dody" was a pet girl determined to please me and took me to shows to become a champion anyway! This girl loved to play fly ball and did some freestyle jumping too. She couldn't get enough running and was happiest to be with us for a great play outdoors. Shadow was an amazing babysitter and helped raise our 2 children. Those kids didn't ever have a chance of running away from mommy in a park. The star herding girl wouldn't ever loose her little sheep! She had many friends both people and beardies and had her best fun at beardie romps with our Manitoba Club. Her best companion was Kayla whom she adored and even shared her mommy with! She remained my Shadow to the end - always within sight and never would let me down when I needed her. I miss you and love you dear girl. I know we'll meet again at Rainbow Bridge.